The phrase I always get is “Oh, must be nice to travel the world when you want and when you can, when I tell people my husband has a full time job and his second job is racing a dirt modified. Well let me tell it to you on first hand yes it’s nice traveling to all these different states and meeting all the people around the world, taking off MY full time job just to watch and support my husband do what he loves to do. There are some down falls to this, there are numerous fights we get into because I feel like he chooses racing over me at some points. The long truck rides to all the different tracks we travel to. The long hours in the garage when we could be spending it together. The lonely nights I go to bed and he doesn't come to bed till a couple hours later and i’m already asleep getting ready for the next day. The sadness you see when a racing night doesn’t go his way. The long phone calls when we get time together. The phone calls from other drivers he’s helping when he is suppose to be hanging out with you. The anger you get when something is not going the way he wants it to go when trying to set up a car. The yelling the cursing everyone doesn't get to see what I see every single day. They think were living the dream, yes we might be living the dream but there’s also blood and tears to live this dream we get to live. People ask me what would we do if he wasn’t a racer. My honest answer to that is I have no idea and I don’t think I would want to know what it’s like living without racing. I honestly believe racing has brought me and my husband closer. I believe it’s made me the wife I am today and the supporter I am to what he loves to do. We have made amazing friendship with people all across the world and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. The fights we get into only makes us stronger, the feeling you get when he’s racing his hardest around a dirt track. So before you say “Oh, it must be nice.” think of what the other half is dealing with before you think it’s oh so nice to be living the life i’m living there are some stuff I have to give up for him to do what he loves to do the most.